About Stella’s PopKern

Originally from Lexington Kentucky, I moved to DC over 23 years ago, beginning my career in the hospitality industry. I transitioned into the high end catering industry before dreaming up the idea behind Stella’s PopKern.

Stella*s was destined to be. After 20 years of catering, I awoke one morning and knew exactly what business I needed to create. POPCORN!! The overall concept of Stella*s PopKern is to bring yummy, flirty, delicious, gourmet and affordable popcorn to DC.

Our name, Stella*s PopKern was a no brainer – it comes from my daughter, Stella, which is an uber cool name and means star, for our nations capital and my last name is Kern, which means kernel in German.  After the business name was created, it all started to fall into place.

A long standing tradition in the Kern household was eating popcorn.  My mama and I started making popcorn dinners when I was 12 years old.  These fond memories have been etched in my mind ever since and I have carried on this tradition with my daughter, Stella. She and I have taken popping corn to a whole new level, and we are ready to share this tradition with DC! My love for food has rubbed off on my daughter, and she is an integral part of the flavor creations that we are bringing to the streets of DC. We have fun coming up with winning taste combinations that both excite and please the palate.