I Can’t Believe It’s Actually Butter!

So let’s get real for a sec… those of us who LOVE popcorn also tend to share affections for the liquid gold known as butter! Popcorn is soooo good and butter is the necessary evil – right?

Wrong! If you haven’t been introduced before, meet Clarified Butter, or as we like to call it “Butter 2.0”. There’s no need to feel guilty when snacking on our Stella*s Clarified Butter with Brazilian Sea Salt or our decadent S’mores when you know that the butter won’t bite back.

Seriously! Did you know that regular butter consist of only 80% of fat? Believe it or not, the other 20% of is actually a combination of water and milk proteins which is why we tend to avoid it. In comparison, vegetable or coconut oil are 100% fat which is pretty consistent with most of the fats you cook with.

Still skeptical? Clarifying butter gets rid of the 20% we don’t want and leaves us with the buttery milk fat. This is not only healthier and guilt-free but it enhances the buttery flavor that we all love. So snack easy friends, Clarified Butter has saved the day!

To learn more about “Butter 2.0”, check out this cool article. And, once you’ve finished reading, check us out at our super cute shop or our uber cool truck to try it yourself. Tasting is believing and we promise you’ll be hooked (we already are)!

XO Kristina