To Eat Popcorn or Not to Eat Popcorn, that is the Question

IMG_1310Ahhhhh…the age old question: Is popcorn really a healthy alternative to chips, candy and pretzels? It’s light, airy, whole grain, and fills you up quite nicely! Junk food is basically anything processed and bad for you. Does popcorn qualify as junk food?  Is junk food a food group? I kind of don’t care, I dig popcorn and I think there are many people like me (those who actually consider popcorn a food group :-)).  I LOVE POPCORN, specifically my PopKern. When I started my business, I knew two things – that I have a pulse on food (having been in the culinary world for twenty some odd years) and that I wanted to create something delicious and different, with popcorn as my vehicle. I decided to start with wet popped corn (corn cooked in a traditional popcorn kettle) with pure virgin coconut oil.  I really don’t like air popped corn – to me it tastes like cardboard (this is just my opinion, of course). After that, I wanted to create my own spin on the popped kernels.  And I do that – I create some cool and funky flavors and it’s fun, a good creative food outlet for me and super tasty!  With that said, I went about searching for answers to validate my LOVE of popcorn that would make me feel better about my addiction. Here are some results:

Love this one: Healthy benefits of popcorn

And this one is cool too: Popcorn – the healthy snack

But, to me, I just LOVE popcorn and I feel like we are here once folks – we should enjoy it and if we can snack on something really yummy, whole grain and nutritious, then let’s do it!

I’d love to hear some yummy flavors of popcorn that you’ve created or would be interested in me creating…please share!!

XO Kristina